How Solá Galvé achieved 70% more efficiency processing their documents with Bigle Legal.

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Sola Galve - Bigle Legal


Solá Galvé is a law firm that specializes in handling claims against banks, financial entities, excessive commissions, extorting interests and the application of abusive clauses.

They are dedicated towards legal claims in defense of consumers against banks and service companies in general.

“We sought to standardize the content of the claims and have the option for each type of claim standardized. This way we can maintain the same quality in writing, with respect to the client and the legal strategies of the firm within each type.”

- Marti Sola, Founder of Solá Galvé

Marti Sola

Why They Choose Bigle Legal

The law firm Solá Galvé wanted a solution that will easily help them standarize their content and be in control over their document processing.

"For the adaptability of the program and ease of use. It allows the treatment of complex writings and gives many options."

Sola Galve - Bigle Legal

The Challenge

The law firm Solá Galvé deals with a large volume of lawsuits on regular basis.

Their challenge involved drafting, writing, proofreading and finalizing  documents with maximum efficiency.

They sought to standardize their claims content and have control over each type. 

Solá Galvé wanted a tool to maintain the same quality in writing, respecting for all clients the same legal strategies of the firm within each type of matter. 

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