AI powered document automation

Automate your documents with Artificial Intelligence

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Document automation for notaries.

What are the benefits of having AI powered document automation system

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Bigle Legal’s powerful Artificial intelligence systems automatically find crucial information in your documents and contracts. These can be names, addresses, monetary values, dates, notice periods etc.


When combined with real-time, built-in document editor, Bigle Legal’s artificial intelligence speeds up to 10x the process of document tagging and building forms. Document assembly has never been faster.

Dramatically reduce errors.
Save precious hours


After processing your documents and detecting the valuable insights of a document, extract the metadata in Excel or JSON format. Say goodbye to manually reviewing and collecting data by hand for further analysis. Your optometrist will thank you once and for all.


Bigle Legal AI is pre-trained for several languages like Spanish, English, French and German. And it can identify the language within a document to classify them, or find the appropriate AI models automatically for you. On top of that, you can teach Bigle Legal AI to find clauses in other languages.

standarize your documents
Save precious hours


Document storage and retrieval like never before. Search in a blink of an eye between your documents with more scope than just how the file was saved. Bigle Legal uses within the content of the document, the language, the currencies used, topic, all to ensure you will find what you are searching for.


Bigle Legal AI models consider your preferences during the entire automation process. You can teach them what is good, and what is not good. In time, Bigle Legal AI will learn from those decisions to make your life even more joyful & simpler.

standarize your documents
Save precious hours


Bigle Legal offers automatic categorization of documents based on the topic they belong to. Avoid users storing documents in wrong folders or mispelled files. A reliable way to access your valuable documents.

How does the one-click e-signature works?

automate your templates.
1. Initiate a new document

Upload your document, draft, or template into the platform.

automate your templates.
2. Select biometric e-signature

As you select the signing method, choose the number of signers.

automate your templates.
3. Prepare to send

Add a personalized message for your recipient(s), and schedule the sending.

automate your templates.
4. Your recipient receives the email

A link will be received to access the document and complete the signature.

automate your templates.
5. Receive the signed document

When all is done, you will receive the signed document in the email.


Bigle Legal provides electronic signatures that are legally valid. We comply with the most demanding regulations such as regulation (EU) no. 910/2014, and others.

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We encrypt all your information to protect you. Nobody has Access to your data nor your contracts. We have an Information Security Management compliant with international standards.

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