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The all new DIY platform of Bigle Legal is making document automation possible for everybody


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After which, it will be €49 per user/month billed annually or €59 per user/month billed monthly

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✅ Unlimited creation of documents
✅ Unlimited template automation
✅ Document traceability
✅ Team collaboration in real-time
✅ Configure users and permissions
✅ Certified advanced e-signatures
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✅ Document storage: up to 2Gb included
✅ Free training sessions
✅ Web customer support 
✅ Onboarding sessions


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✅ Unlimited creation of documents
✅ Unlimited Word and PPT template automation
✅ Document traceability
✅ Configuration of users and permissions
✅ Certified simple, advanced and qualified e-signatures
✅ Document storage
✅ Free training sessions
✅ Dedicated customer support via web and phone
✅ Onboarding sessions
✅ Document validation module
✅ Document creation from tables and spreadsheets
✅ Virtual interview in real time
✅ Integrations on demand via our API
✅ Customization of the environment to your look & feel
✅ Desktop, mobile and tablet optimised
✅ We also offer automation services!
Our experts will efficiently automate your templates which you will use on the platform.
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