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Guide to avoiding revenue leakage through CLM Technology

The lack of digitalisation of legal transactions costs companies millions of dollars every year. Between 5 and 40% of the value of contracts is lost due to inefficient operations. A revenue leakage that is avoided thanks to the Contract Lifecycle Management technology.

This guide brings together the key indicators that every company must take into account to eradicate these losses. Download it to find out how to optimise and make your department more profitable as some world-renowned brands are doing:

A smiling lawyer with her arms crossed, the cover of Bigle Legal's guide to avoiding revenue leakage thanks to CLM.

Find out in this ebook:

  • How CLM technology revolutionises sales, human resources, marketing, finance and purchasing departments.
  • How metadata technology is transforming the day-to-day work of legal departments.
  • Practical tips to consider when choosing a CLM provider.