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Jeff, the scale up that minimises errors in its contracts through the use of the CLM

Jeff, with a presence in more than 43 countries, has seen rapid growth in just 7 years since its creation.

The company has four business lines: Mr. Jeff (laundry services), Fit Jeff (fitness services), Work Jeff (coworking spaces) and Coffee Jeff (take-away coffees).

Download this interesting case study to find out how Jeff tackled the following challenges:

  • Have exhaustive control of all its documentation, complying with the mandatory requirements in each jurisdiction and country in which the company operates.
  • Obtain a single, final version of each document/contract.
  • Minimise errors in your documentation because they had to go through several validation processes and in different languages.
A man in a white shirt smiles as he writes. Jeff's success story with Bigle Legal's CLM.