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Jesús Benavides, the notary's office at the forefront of technological innovation

Jesús Benavides is a notary's office in Barcelona, with a team of more than 50 professionals specialising in private law. The notary's office believed that through technology and the digitalisation of processes, it could improve the quality of its services and increase the productivity and efficiency of its employees.

The Jesús Benavides notary's office, before learning about Bigle Legal's CLM platform, had the following objectives: 

  • Find a partner to go digital.
  • Improve the efficiency of their resources and processes.

Download this case study to learn about the process that has led them to become leaders in technological innovation in the notarial field.

Jesús Benavides, in a suit, leafs through a book in his office in Barcelona.

"Thanks to Bigle Legal's platform, we are recognised as an innovative notary's office in the use of new technologies".

Jesús Benavides Lima, Founder, Jesús Benavides notary office.