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Premier España uses Bigle Legal's advanced eSignature to speed up its document production process by 50%

Premier España, a real estate company with offices in Spain, Germany and France, effectively differentiates itself from its competitors by streamlining the signing of contracts. 

Find out in this case study how the company saves 50% on the completion of a contract, including the drafting, signing and filing of the contract.

 "Our team values Bigle Legal's platform, the agility that the electronic signature implies in a contract and the simplification in the transfer and archiving of documents"

José Raul Rubio Conejo, Promotions Director, Premier España.

Bigle Legal and Premier España CLM case study cover: a group of lawyers talk next to a computer.
  • Learn how the real estate company increased the speed of its document management by 20%, thanks to CLM technology.
  • Discover what was the company's challenge, as well as the reasons why Premier España chose Bigle Legal to improve its contractual processes.
  • Learn how agile the Bigle Legal implementation process was for Premier.