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Sales and legal areas: a key alliance for business development

If you work in Sales or Legal, chances are that the end-of-quarter crisis is a familiar scenario for you. It's a mad rush to close deals, meet quotas and increase the company's revenue.

In this mad rush, the relationship between the two departments is strained and they often see each other as obstacles. But today's reality requires the two to form a strategic alliance that is key to the business.

In this guide, find out what tools and strategies legal and sales teams can use to accelerate their work without the quarterly close creating pressure, silos and even conflict.

In addition, download the ebook to discover:

  • How to strike a balance between speed (sales) and compliance (legal).
  • How to make faster and error-free commercial proposals, accelerating the sales process. 
  • Test to assess the level of acceleration of commercial proposals and contracts.
Two lawyers in suits chat in a glassed-in office. Cover of Bigle Legal's ebook on sales and legal.