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Together towards a paperless work environment

Not only are we in the digital era, but also in which brings awareness about climate change to our planet. But paper consumption is still very high in companies' legal teams, as it is in most of their departments.

212.912 solicitors in England and Wales

3,619,504,000 sheets of A4 paper are consumed by the 212,912 solicitors in England and Wales each year. More than 17,778 tons of paper, which piled up, would result in a 46 km high paper tower reaching the stratosphere.
Learn about new ways of working and new green paperless trends in this ebook, help the environment and be rewarded for it!

Bigle Legal paperless work environment ebook: a computer with a rainforest wallpaper.

What you will find in this ebook:

  • Learn about new and eco-friendly ways to work thanks to technology.
  • Discover how much paper is consumed by lawyers and legal departments.
  • Let digitalisation reduce your impact and bring you benefits.