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Webinar: The future of Legal Operations

Digitising legal has never been more pressing; we have seen how business competitiveness depends on efficient and secure legal operations.

Download this webinar to learn about the state of the legal industry and legal operations, what solutions are currently being used to address legal issues and what measures are recommended to improve processes.

In addition, you will learn the most important KPIs for an effective legal area and why it is important to define a strategy.

The evolution of legal operations is in your hands, be part of the change!

George Steven, Jay Smith and Patrick Dunnion. Bigle Legal webinar on the future of Legal Operations

Download this webinar and learn about:

  • The state of the industry: what is the current technological development of the legal area?
  • Future legal tech expenditure forecast. What is the picture between now and 2025?
  • Next steps of the legal area and legal tech predictions for 2023. Why should legal teams digitise their practice?