Say goodbye to repetitive manual tasks, say hello to Bigle Legal

Bigle Legal exists to transform the way companies create and manage legal documents. Our accurate, flexible and intuitive platform frees you from the headache of repetitive manual tasks. We empower companies to create exceptional legal documents in no time at all, and without human error.

So forget drafting, reviewing, proofing, printing, scanning… automate your legal documents with Bigle Legal instead and rediscover your creativity, productivity, and efficiency.

It’s time to focus on your core work, on serving your customers and on operating your business on your own terms.

Get to know us

We’re a young, growing team of legal professionals, technology specialists, designers, and startup geeks! We pride ourselves on constantly striving for perfection and always putting our customer needs first. That’s why we have our finger on the pulse of the industries we work in.

Alejandro Esteve de Miguel
Alejandro Esteve de Miguel Anglada
Co-Founder & CEO
Sergio Esteve de Miguel Anglada
Sergio Esteve de Miguel Anglada
Co-Founder & CMD
Daniel Tomás
Daniel Tomás Bartomeus
Co-Founder & CTO
Miriam Peñafiel
Miriam Peñafiel Páez
Gerard lópez
Gerard López Sánchez
Full Stack Developer
Javier peris
Javier Peris Ayala
Lead Legal Intelligence
sergi meseguer de la guardia
Sergi Meseguer de la Guardia
Senior Legal Tech Consultant
Javier Eced ayudarte
Javier Eced Ayudarte
Lead UX/UI Designer
Burak Kilic
Burak Kilic
Head of Artificial Intelligence
Oscar Ginette
Oscar Ginette Sáenz de Cabezón
Full Stack Developer
Antonion Navas
Antonio Navas Maldonado
Administration Manager
Yar al Roshidi
Yar Al-Roshidi
Marketing Specialist
Jesus Zarquera
Jesus Zerquera
Strategic Legal Tech Consultant
Jesus Zarquera
Susana Diamantopoulos Carrillo
Legal intelligence

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