Free yourself from Real Estate paperwork

Paperwork is not what brings in the revenue, but it is what takes up most of your time. Generate the contracts you need at the click of a button, whenever you need them.

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Accelerate your sales process

Now that you can create and finalise the contracts in few minutes, you can close your sales right on the spot. After that, you can store all those contracts on our secure cloud so that your team members have access when they need it.

Error free efficiency

Our software helps you dramatically reduce avoidable human error through automatic validation of key data such as ID number, IBAN and account numbers. Stop copying over mistakes and data from old templates and avoid inputting incorrect data.

Benefits of document automation for the Real Estate sector

See your sales, productivity and quality soar. Let’s take your business to the next level.

Switch languages easily

Now it is even easier to operate in an international environment, as you can immediately generate your document in the language you want or even have the same document available in a multilingual double-columned format.

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Standardize templates

Have your document templates centralised in one place so that when changes are made, the templates will be updated immediately across all departments. Put your mind at ease knowing that your templates have the latest regulations and law changes.

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