Biometric electronic signature

Send and sign advanced biometric signatures, easily, securely, and legally!

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Bigle Legal Electronic signature is certified and legally binding

Fully compliant with European Regulation (EU) No. 910/2014 - and USA regulations, amongst others.


Bigle Legal provides electronic signatures that are legally valid. We comply with the most demanding regulations such as regulation (EU) no. 910/2014, and others.

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We encrypt all your information to protect you. Nobody has Access to your data nor your contracts. We have an Information Security Management compliant with international standards.

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collaborate with ease.

Advanced biometric signature

It stores unique data of the signer like the pressure point on the devices used, the acceleration of the trace, and the speed of signing. All attached to the signature done.

Exclusive and high-level cases

The advanced biometric e-signature is best used for cases that require a high-level of trust and control and with important identity guarantees.

Dramatically reduce errors.
Save precious hours

Secure and trackable

The data is saved securely and if any modifications are done, or any dispute arises, they can be easy to identify.

Encryption and security

Keep your mind at ease knowing that all your information is safe and encrypted, and only accessible by admin profile users.

standarize your documents

How does the one-click e-signature work?

automate your templates.
1. Initiate a new document

Upload your document, draft, or template into the platform.

automate your templates.
2. Select biometric e-signature

As you select the signing method, choose the number of signers.

automate your templates.
3. Prepare to send

Add a personalized message for your recipient(s), and schedule the sending.

automate your templates.
4. Your recipient receives the email

A link will be received to access the document and complete the signature.

automate your templates.
5. Receive the signed document

When all is done, you will receive the signed document in the email.

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