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Manage your contracts on a single platform in a secure and agile way, thanks to Contract Management. Get your organisation to comply with all contractual obligations through technology and allow your organisation's relationships with third parties to be secure and efficient.

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What is it for?

It is used to create, sign, distribute, manage, store and track legal documents. Using Bigle Legal, teams can organise their contracts on a single platform which reduces the time employees have to spend managing legal documentation. Bring differential value to your employees, customers, partners and suppliers with the latest in legal technology.


  • Manage your legal documents in an agile and risk-free way: set up alerts to track contractual obligations, automatic renewals, renegotiation of terms and all kinds of contractual events.
  • Have you ever forgotten a contractual milestone? If so, you are probably familiar with the headaches this can cause. Thanks to automatic alert management, our solution will remind you when you need to address the next step in the contractual process.
  • Set customised reminders and select the collaborators who need to be informed, so that they are also notified.
  • View all reminders and pending milestones from your alerts dashboard to stay on top of events in the coming weeks so you can organise your schedule.

Los datos contractuales estructurados permiten realizar búsquedas avanzadas y automatizar la gestión de los contratos, reduciendo la carga de trabajo y minimizando los errores humanos.


Utiliza metadatos para clasificar y controlar tus contratos. Crea diferentes vistas en función de los metadatos de los contratos, como contratos actualmente en negociación, contratos pendientes de firma, contratos por encima de 'x' importe, etc.

  • Extrae las vistas en un archivo Excel y analiza en profundidad tus contratos.
  • Los metadatos personalizados asociados a los contratos pueden ser añadidos manualmente por los usuarios, extraídos automáticamente de los datos de los contratos o proporcionados por Bigle Legal.

Structured contract data enables advanced searches and automation of contract management, reducing workload and minimising human error.


Use metadata to classify and control your contracts. Create different views based on contract metadata, such as contracts currently under negotiation, contracts pending signature, contracts above 'x' amount, etc.

  • Extract the views in an Excel file and analyse your contracts in depth.
  • Custom metadata associated with contracts can be manually added by users, automatically extracted from contract data, or provided by Bigle Legal.

Storage & Search

Forget about having your documents scattered in different places. Save them in the cloud and consult them online wherever you want, whether they have been created automatically from a form or uploaded in Word or PDF as external documents.

The organisational capabilities are endless: file your documents by document category, client, department, etc. and then search them by assigned user, group, template type, date range, form responses or a host of customisable metadata.

Views & Reports

Thanks to metadata, classify your contracts and create customised views to monitor them. In the views, you can choose multiple filter criteria such as contracts pending signature created by the sales department or created in the last month with an amount greater than 'x' and an exclusivity clause, and apply cascading ordering based on multiple columns. In addition, these views can be extracted into an Excel file for analysis.

Integrated Word editor

For Word documents, users can use our text editor, which is included within the tool.

This editor provides formatting, real-time remote working and collaborative writing, with commenting and change control.

Role management

Thanks to Bigle Legal's CLM, you will be able to assign each user in your organisation a profile within the platform, with different functions and access depending on each case.

  • By default, you have these profiles available:

    • Administrator: can view all existing documents and signatures on the platform. In addition, he/she manages the templates, groups and users. You will also have access to the platform management.
    • Supervisor: sees their documents and signatures in addition to those of the supervised group.
    • User: only sees their documents and signatures.
  • But you can also create personalised profiles adapted to your needs. The customisation options are very varied and flexible. You can assign write or read roles to different modules; give visibility over your own, the group's or the organisation's work; and even activate/deactivate permissions for very specific functionalities.
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