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Bigle Legal's artificial intelligence, based on natural language processing (NLP), facilitates contract management and offers tools that make document automation easier. Discover the powerful AI behind Bigle Legal's engines.

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Entity detection

Automatically detects crucial information in documents and contracts. Identify names, addresses, prices, dates, deadlines, etc. and add them to your smart forms.

Language detection and support

Bigle Legal detects the language within a document to automatically classify it. The software also offers the possibility to search for clauses and data in other languages.

standarize your documents
Save precious hours

Classification by category

Automatically classifies documents by the subject to which they belong. Prevents users from storing documents in incorrect folders or misspelled files.

Improved search engines

Search through your documents in the blink of an eye by language, currencies used, subject matter or within the content of the document itself.

standarize your documents
Save precious hours

Continuous learning platform

Bigle Legal's AI models learn from your preferences throughout the automation process. Based on these preferences, they know what is optimal for you.

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