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Negotiate on contracts remotely and in change control, without leaving the platform and without endless chains of emails and multiple versions of contract files. Share a link with the counterparty so they can make changes and comment.

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Track the changes

Increases control, traceability and security.

Version history

Don't miss any of the steps in the negotiation.

Mention someone in the comments.

Anything you add will be notified to the person mentioned and all followers

Everything you add will be notified to the person mentioned and to all the followers.

Negotiation section

Collaborate with your team throughout the negotiation thanks to the 'Team and notes' section.

Add followers and internal notes that the counterpart will not see.

The management of legal documents occupies a large part of day-to-day business in organisations. A routine and tedious task for contract professionals, it slows down strategic decision-making and exposes companies to all kinds of legal risks and contingencies.

CLM contract negotiation enables companies to scale their contract generation, streamlining legal operations, securing them and taking organisations to the next evolutionary step of contracts.

Avoid negotiation chaos with CLM

Negotiations can be chaotic. When changes to clauses in documents are discussed, countless versions have to be sent by email, and doubts arise about the correctness of the latest version. The process stagnates and creates a bottleneck in the legal department.

CLM technology makes negotiation  clearer, simpler and more effective. Monitor changes in the document, manage its versions in an agile way and have total control over the negotiation process.

Representative drawings of contracts with progress namesRepresentative drawings of contracts with progress names

Risk reduction in legal departments

Learn how document automation technology and Contract Lifecycle Management can mitigate legal risks in your corporation.
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Avoid legal contingencies

The traditional contract negotiation process exposes companies to legal contingencies that can come from a variety of sources, such as human error, breaches of confidentiality or unwanted leaks.

Bigle Legal's contract negotiation helps mitigate all these contingencies, streamline document-related processes to make them simpler and more agile, and stay on top of the process with a bird's eye view.

As we explain in the ebook “Risk reduction in legal departments”, the legal areas of companies manage flows of documents and contracts of great relevance to their organisations. A loss of control exposes companies to risks that can cause serious and unwanted contingencies.

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