Intelligent Workflows

Technology helps companies to take control over the contracts that are handled in their company. These are not isolated, as they affect multiple departments such as legal, commercial, human resources, purchasing... This is where intelligent workflows allow the collaboration process to be effective and not a burden for the team.

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Assign roles, define tasks and manage your contracts intelligently.

Intelligent workflows support all phases of document collaboration:

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Legal ticketing

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Bigle Legal's legal ticketing is the fastest and most effective way to channel all requests received by the Legal Department of a company. Thanks to this module, any authorized employee will be able to create requests through a web form including all the necessary information. The Legal Department will be notified and will be able to manage the request, using all the data in the form for the creation of the necessary contracts, without the need to copy and paste the information.

Combining the functionalities of legal ticketing, the power of metadata and reporting, it will be possible to monitor the status of the different requests at all times, as well as to analyze the quantity and type of requests received and managed by the Legal Department.

Document self-service

Providing your company's users with CLM self-service will allow you to manage routine contracts much more efficiently and avoid common bottlenecks, such as having an endless list of documents waiting for approval from the Legal Department.

Setting up contract self-service is the fastest and easiest way to ensure that all employees can create contracts autonomously, using always up to date, lawyer-validated templates that comply with the law and your corporate policies.

Thanks to Bigle Legal, you can even limit self-service download options to PDF only,to ensure that no unauthorized changes are made and, more importantly, that no risk is added to your agreements.

Sharing forms

On many occasions, third party information is required to create or support a document. Typically:

  • Data of a natural or legal person (customer, supplier, etc.).

  • Files (photo, bank receipt, quotation, etc.).

To facilitate the collection of information, Bigle Legal forms may be shared with third parties.

  • The user decides which parts of the form to share and a shared link is generated.

  • This link is sent to a third party by email so that they can fill in data and upload attachments.

  • The user can see the changes to their form in real-time.

  • There is no need to copy and paste information, it is ready to use in the user's form.


Our Weblink service allows you to publish Bigle Legal forms on your website. Anyone can fill in the questionnaire and a document with all the data provided will be automatically created on the platform.

The possibilities are endless:

  • Automate your customer requests:publish an online form on your  website and save time on emails and phone calls to collect information.

  • Create questionnaires so that your suppliers can upload the necessary information to be approved, thus improving your purchasing processes.

  • Optimise the time spent on KYCs by allowing your customers to provide their details through your website.

  • It offers the online reservation option so that potential buyers can generate a reservation document for any property.

  • Provide the candidates of your job offers with a questionnaire to upload the necessary information for the interview and hiring process.


Thanks to the document activity history, you will have full control of the actions carried out on each document. You will be able to know, among other details, who has edited the document and when, if they have shared the form, initiated a negotiation or sent it for signature.

Copy data between documents

Do you need to create a chain of documents on the same operation? With Bigle Legal, you can copy data from one document to another to save time and minimise errors. Among other examples, you can create a rental order with the landlord, transfer the data to the rental reservation contract and, finally, copy the data of the property, the parties, etc. into a definitive rental contract. All in just a few clicks.

Mass generation

If you want to create automatic flows for the mass generation of documents and their sending for signature (or delivery by certified email) you can do so using the Bigle Legal APIs. You can also retrieve all signed documents and store them wherever you want.

Our clients are already saving days of work by managing documents in bulk with Bigle Legal.

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