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Whether you are new to Bigle Legal or already a client, we offer you the Bigle Academy: a space for you to learn step by step and get the most out of CLM.

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All your CLM is at your fingertips

Bigle Academy is Bigle Legal's interactive learning platform, from which we centralise all the information necessary to get to know the platform in depth and learn how to use Bigle Legal easily.

In it, you can find the detailed instruction manual of all the functionalities you use in our platform. All the knowledge is distributed by content blocks, and there is a search engine where you can find any concept you would like to delve into.

In our academy, you can access the initial information to complement your training sessions on the platform, learn how to automate your templates, create labels, use the reports, sign electronically and many more. It also has a section for developers, so that they can access all the knowledge about the APIs we offer.

Share, teach, automate!

Bigle Academy is a learning centre that helps companies expand Contract Lifecycle Management knowledge among their teams. Make the use of your CLM not taboo in your company.

Do you want to teach your colleagues or other departments in your company how to use Bigle Legal? With our academy, you can break down barriers and bring your colleagues closer to an intuitive and easy to use tool. Expand a new, more effective and secure way of working with documents.

Get to know our academy and discover how to benefit from our CLM!

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