Document automation

Create your legal documents on demand and 90% faster with Bigle Legal's smart forms.

Transform your company's contract templates into attractive and intuitive forms. Complete the form in less than five minutes and, in one click, generate your custom legal document. Bigle Legal makes contract generation an easy, fast and secure task.

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Empower your legal department thanks to Bigle Legal's no-code automation.

Ensure that all your documents comply with departmental requirements and current legislation. Avoid bottlenecks for in-house counsel when dealing with requests for drafting and reviewing legal documentation.

Forget about routine tasks and automate your contracts with a visual and intuitive solution, customised to your brand and adapted to your needs.

Bigle Legal's document automation streamlines document production and enables companies in all types of industries to eliminate contract drafting errors.

Automate the creation of your contracts with no-code technology

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  • No limits on length or complexity.

  • Respecting each company's own format and style guide.

  • Double-column documents, with one or more languages.

  • With text transformations, numbers, dates and automatic calculations.

  • Using library clauses.

  • Consider gender and the use of singular or plural.

  • Use loops to repeat parts of the text (e.g. multiple buyers of a property), either in separate paragraphs or in a comma-separated list.

  • With automatic adjustment of text with enumerations (e.g. optional clauses).

  • Add images, attachments and annexes.

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Learn in our webinar about the essential aspects of programming contracts without the need to use complex codes or procedures.

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Clause library

Bigle Legal's software has a library of sub-templates or clauses, which significantly facilitates the maintenance of templates.

Those contents that are repeated continuously in more than one template (for example, a data protection clause) can be created as sub-templates and used as many times as necessary. In this way, when these sub-templates are modified, all templates containing them will be automatically updated.

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Here is how it works


Your company’s document templates can be so much more. Transform them into beautiful, intuitive forms that are both easy to understand and a joy to complete.

Automate templates.
Create documents.


It only takes five minutes to fill in our intuitive forms, which then populate fully-fledged legal documents. Fill in any part of the form, in your own time - online or offline - and rest assured your work will be save automatically.

Review & share

Send your clients a link to a form that collects exactly what you need and nothing more. Share your updated document to your supervisors and receive a notification once they have completed revisions.

Review and share.
Digitally sign your documents.


Our digital signatures save you time and money by avoiding the process of printing, scanning, and signing documents. Go paper free in full compliance with European and USA regulations.

Store & manage

Store all your documents in one platform, and edit them anytime you like: our secure cloud-based platform saves your documents automatically, in real time. Safe, convenient and worry free!

Store and manage.

Key functionalities

Go paper free.

Go paper free with digital signatures

Our digital signatures save you time and money by avoiding printing, scanning, and signing documents.

Create documents in no time

Create documents in no time

Create your document in under 5 minutes by filling the intuitive forms - online or offline - and your work will save automatically.

Secure files in the cloud.

Secure files in the cloud

Edit anytime you like: our secure cloud-based platform saves your documents automatically, in real time. Safe, convenient and worry free!

Flexible working.

Flexible working

Need your documents now? Download the drafts and review them anytime, whether they are complete or not.

Unrivalled compatibility

Unrivalled compatibility

Run our platform on all your devices, including mobile phones and tablets - and any modern web browser.

Offline availability.

Offline availability

On the move? Work offline and know that your data will sync online as soon as you connect to the internet.

Multi-language platform.

Multi-language platform

Work in an international environment? Our multilingual platform works equally well in any language.

Switch languages in one-click

Switch languages in one-click

Complete forms in one language and download your documents in the language of your choice at the click of a button.

automate your templates.
Automate your templates

Transform your legal templates into intuitive, cloud-based forms that are easy for your team to complete and can be updated in real time.

Integrate business tools.
Integrate business tools

Save time transferring data and avoid duplicating your work with our integrations with most common CRMs and ERPs.

Connect with your favorite business tools

Integrate Bigle Legal with your tools.

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