Uncover your legal department’s superpowers

Produce custom, error-free contracts and legal documents in minutes. Let your in-house lawyers tackle complex processes using simple dynamic forms and a powerful in-built communications system.

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Automate documents in your corporation.

Benefits of document automation for corporations

See your productivity and quality soar. Let’s take your business to the next level.
Be accurate and efficient.

Be accurate and efficient

Free up your calendar from all those repetitive tasks and give more space for efficiency by accelerating the document creation process through the Bigle Legal software.

Integrate with your favourite tools

Integrate with your favourite business tools whether it is your CRM, your storage source or other tools that you need to help you create those quality documents.

Integrate with your favourite tools.
Standarize documents

Standardize your documents

Have your document templates centralised in one place so that when changes are made, the templates will be updated immediately across all departments. Put your mind at ease knowing that your templates have the latest regulations and law changes.

Dramatically reduce errors

Our software helps you dramatically reduce avoidable human error through automatic validation of key data such as ID number, IBAN and account numbers. Stop copying over mistakes and data from old templates and avoid inputting incorrect data.

Dramatically reduce errors.

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