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Create contracts, deeds and other important legal documentation in a matter of minutes. Free up time and focus on your clients.

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Document automation for notaries.

Benefits of document automation for notaries

See your productivity and quality soar. Let’s take your business to the next level.
collaborate with ease.

Collaborate with ease

Share easy-to-understand forms with your clients to get all the information you need for their deeds and legal documents. Save hours of back and forth phone calls or explanatory emails. It’s time to focus on what’s important.

Dramatically reduce errors

Our software helps you dramatically reduce avoidable human error through automatic validation of key data such as ID number, IBAN and account numbers. Stop copying over mistakes and data from old templates and avoid inputting incorrect data.

Dramatically reduce errors.
Save precious hours

Save precious hours

Get your time back by automating your work; drafting contracts, deeds and notary documentation. Create the error-free documents your clients need in under 5 minutes and use your time more effectively.

Standardize your documents

Have your document templates centralised in one place so that when changes are made, the templates will be updated immediately across all departments. Put your mind at ease knowing that your templates have the latest regulations and law changes.

standarize your documents

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