A document is processed every minute through Bigle Legal's CLM software

Users of the legal tech company, from different corporations, reduce their errors to zero when drafting legal documents
November 10, 2022

Bigle Legal users process a document every minute through its Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) platform, which reduces legal document errors to zero, as well as the risks and legal contingencies associated with them. At a time of global expansion for the company, with new customers and partners in Europe, Asia and Latin America, the company launches its latest functionality, an integrations module that allows connecting external databases to the platform, to retrieve data at the time of generation of documentation.

Bigle Legal CLM opened its London office a year ago to target the Northern European market.
Bigle Legal opened its London office a year ago to target the Northern European market.

The platform ensures that documents gather all the necessary clauses and information in compliance with internal company guidelines, thus avoiding material errors in the drafting and tracking of a contract's lifecycle. This software helps streamline all routine processes related to working with documents and its use saves companies a great deal of money by streamlining and securing time-consuming and costly paperwork.

Alejandro Esteve de Miguel Anglada, CEO of Bigle Legal, is proud that the platform's users have reached such a fast usage rate while explaining that they have had a very good year and that 2023 looks promising for both the company and the CLM sector. "CLM is changing the way people interact with the legal department from being seen as a stopper to a business ally," he states.

After improving its own biometric electronic signature solution and offering it to its customers free of charge and with no usage limits, the company has just launched its no-code integration module. This allows databases to be connected to the platform without the need for customised developments, to link information automatically when creating new contracts and to eliminate all types of duplicates and errors in the introduction of information.

As Esteve de Miguel explains, this is not the last feature they will launch this year, as they expect to launch another new feature before 2023: “Our goal is to keep the software always up to date with the latest innovations so that it is the reference tool for modern legal teams."

Global expansion of customers and partners

The technology company, headquartered in Barcelona, has increased its growth in the last year, after opening offices in London at the end of 2021 and in Madrid in May 2022. Meanwhile, opening new markets has allowed them to approach new partners and clients nationally and internationally.

In Europe, the company has expanded towards the north, with new collaboration agreements such as the one with the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in the United Kingdom. In Latin America, the opening has been mainly in the Mexican market.

About Bigle Legal

Bigle Legal is a cloud-based all-in-one Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) software that automates the legal operations of companies, improving security and minimising the risk of legal contingencies. The platform is flexible, intuitive and provides full control over the entire document lifecycle.

The company is a pioneer in the field of no-code document automation, with a global presence, and its customers include large companies and large law firms. Bigle Legal's mission is to make Legal Operations Easy.

To learn more about Bigle Legal, visit the website: biglelegal.com

For other enquiries, please contact communication@biglelegal.com

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