Bigle Legal integrates with iManage, the leading Knowledge Work Platform

Technology company users will increasingly benefit from a unique and robust CLM platform with strategic integrations
February 21, 2023
Two lawyers shake hands smiling during a meeting. Bigle Legal's CLM integrates with iManage.
iManage and Bigle Legal integrate to offer a united service to their users.

The Spanish Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) company Bigle Legal has partnered with the US Headquartered multinational iManage — which has more than 3,500 client companies in more than 65 countries— so that users of both software can benefit from their integration. Bigle Legal's software has been endorsed by Gartner Digital Markets in a recent recognition as "Best Ease of Use 2022" in its leading software comparator, Capterra.

iManage is a powerful knowledge, document and email management solution, native in the cloud; it enables organisations to work and collaborate on their knowledge without risk, thanks to artificial intelligence and high-security standards. The tool unlocks the hidden value of every document relevant to companies, freeing their employees, partners and customers from mundane, manual paperwork to focus on meaningful, high-value-added work.

This focus on the value of knowledge and documents matches the proposal offered by the legal tech company Bigle Legal. It seeks to eliminate risks and automate processes to return legal operations to their rightful value through its CLM platform, which covers the entire life cycle of documents. Thanks to this integration, users of both platforms can benefit from the whole contract lifecycle covered by Bigle Legal and then store the documents in iManage.

The CLM company, with offices in London, Madrid and Barcelona in Spain, already has a presence in multiple markets globally. Recently, it reached the rate of one document processed every minute on average on its platform.

Recognition of the platform's usability

Bigle Legal's CLM has been recognised by Capterra as "Best Ease of Use 2022" by the Gartner Digital Markets network. This hase more than 1 million verified user reviews spanning its 750+ software categories. The "Best" badges on its sites synthesise those reviews to recognise the top-rated products by users in a given software category.

About Bigle Legal

Bigle Legal is a cloud-based all-in-one Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) software that automates the legal operations of companies, improving security and minimising the risk of legal contingencies. The platform is flexible, intuitive and provides full control over the entire document lifecycle.

The company is a pioneer in the field of no-code document automation, with a global presence, and its customers include large companies and large law firms. Bigle Legal's mission is to make Legal Operations Easy.

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