Introducing Libra, the AI expert in the legal field, designed for legal areas

Connected to Bigle Legal's CLM, the assistant offers a secure environment of maximum confidentiality and minimises the hallucinations of other generalist tools
May 7, 2024
The new logo of Bigle Libra, the AI assistant, now available on Bigle Legal's platform.

Bigle Legal has launched Libra, its expert AI in the legal field, with unprecedented power and precision. Libra is a generative artificial intelligence assistant that the legal tech company has connected to its CLM platform. It specialises in summarising, analysing, translating, generating clauses and making queries on contracts or legal documents, especially in legal consultancy. Libra is based on Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology, specifically nourished with legal information, and is characterised by providing accurate answers in an environment of maximum confidentiality. With data encryption that stores the information on EU servers and a world-class CSP, it ensures the privacy of the user's data and information.

Thanks to Libra's connection to Bigle Legal's Contract Lifecycle Management platform, the assistant leverages the knowledge of lawyers on the platform to assist legal departments in understanding, analysing and handling contracts and other legal documents on a day-to-day basis. Based on the experience accumulated in the software, the assistant provides legal advice on the user's contracts and documents. Libra is designed to answer legal questions about the user's contracts and documents while limiting the hallucinations that are so common in generalist generative AI models.

Its functionalities include a legal chat that resolves questions and doubts about documents, speeding up the search for relevant information and the analysis of legal contingencies. Libra provides lawyers with additional capabilities, enabling them to review documents quickly by automatically creating summaries and generating legal opinions that facilitate the understanding and analysis of complex legal texts. Furthermore, the assistant is also able to propose improvements to the contractual content in favour of one of the intervening parties, as required. Another of its main features is the generation of legal content. This allows consistent and high-quality legal content to be drafted, including all types of clauses and contracts that adapt to the document being analysed. Another value it provides is the one-click automatic translation of documents with complex legal content into more than 20 languages.

Integrable with different applications, Libra includes a document archive in the platform and its main focus, also one of its main assets, is the security and confidentiality of the information offered by its secure and personalised environment, with an AI that does not use the data to feed the model beyond each user's platform. The system protects the information by encrypting it during delivery and storage, as well as by a private copy of the AI model for the exclusive use of customers within the EU. This ensures maximum security and confidentiality of users' personal information and data. By using it, the legal department also avoids exposing confidential information and personal data to AI tools that share data with third parties.

Libra, balanced and expert in the legal field

With the representation of the scales of Libra, Bigle Legal wants the name of its assistant to reflect the balance between innovation and security, without distinction of gender (neither masculine nor feminine) and with a direct allusion to the balance of justice. Alejandro Esteve de Miguel Anglada, CEO of Bigle Legal, explains that the purpose of creating this AI goes beyond the great generalised and specific expectations that generative artificial intelligence has created since its explosion in 2023. He explains that Bigle Legal has been integrating AI functionalities in its CLM since 2019 and that with Libra they seek to further enhance the work of legal professionals: ‘We want legal advisors to have a personalised assistant, focused on streamlining and enhancing their daily work associated with contracts but, above all, one that is reliable, accurate and secure in terms of information privacy’.

Sergio Esteve de Miguel, co-CEO of Bigle Legal and co-founder of the legal tech company with his brother Alejandro, explains that this is just the horizon of a sea of functionalities and developments that Libra will bring: ‘Technology evolves and the expansion and adaptation of AI to different uses and cases is only a matter of time’. ‘In the sea of AI solutions that have emerged in recent months, we saw that there was a lack of a specific one for analysing and refuting contracts, adapted to the legal professional who manages them repeatedly, so we decided to go for Libra and that's where its name came from,’ he adds.

Bigle Legal will present Libra at an exclusive event in Madrid, aimed at legal directors and in-house lawyers of large corporations. The event will be held in June and the topic will be the development and benefits of AI in legal departments. The objective is to present practical cases of Bigle Legal's tool and to highlight the importance of creating solutions that adapt to both the end user and existing legal technology. The technology company will announce further event details through its social network LinkedIn in due course.

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