The Spanish Chamber of Commerce in the UK is betting on 'legal tech' in a mature market

The institution welcomes its first legal technology company as a Member with Bigle Legal, a Contract Lifecycle Management software, joining its extensive network
October 3, 2022
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The Chamber continues to play a key role in strengthening the commercial ties between the UK and Spain.

Technology firm Bigle Legal has joined the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in the United Kingdom in a bid to maximise collaboration between UK businesses and the Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) firm. Based in London, Barcelona and Madrid, the CLM company has clients and partners globally.

This is the Chamber's first member within the legal tech industry, a firm with which the institution will seek to promote investment by British companies in this sector. The Chamber has 250  members, ranging from large multinationals to SMEs across an ample array of industries. It aims to maximise the flow of knowledge about legal tech, in a mature market that benefits any business that works with contracts and any type of legal document.

By organising face-to-face and online events, forums and workshops aimed at corporate clients, the Chamber establishes a meeting point between British and Spanish companies in the UK. Through its association with Bigle Legal, this institution aims to foster business between UK companies and the Contract Lifecycle Management firm. The Spanish Chamber of Commerce in the United Kingdom points out that this agreement is “one more step in our commitment to promote innovation and digitisation of the companies within our organisation. We want to continue helping our members to grow, and we also want them to do so through new technologies and adapt to the new times.”

As new members of the Chamber, Bigle Legal highlights the association as a great opportunity to promote innovation in legal departments. With their membership at the Chamber, they intend to broaden the horizon of client companies in the UK and Europe. Sergio Esteve de Miguel, Co-CEO of the technology company, highlights that the type of CLM solution they offer is in increasing demand: studies indicate that its global size stood at 1.70 billion in 2021 and is expected to triple in the next 5 years.

The Spanish Chamber of Commerce in the United Kingdom was founded in London in December 1886 as an association freely established by Spanish and British merchants, industrialists and other professionals with the objective of promoting economic and commercial relations between Spain and the United Kingdom.

Today, the Chamber continues to play a key role in strengthening and fostering the commercial ties between the two countries through its extensive network of members and by providing a wide range of services which support the development and promotion of commerce and investment between Spain and the United Kingdom.

By entering the legal tech market with Bigle Legal, the Chamber joins a sector committed to innovation in the legal area. Companies in all sectors improve their legal operations with legal technology solutions. Departments that work with contracts and legal documents, such as sales, purchase, HR, legal, etc. automate and secure their operations and leave behind inefficient and slow contract management processes thanks to legal tech.

Legal tech, which has a strong presence in the United States, and in northern Europe is led by the United Kingdom. It also has a significant penetration in southern Europe, in Spain it is committed to helping sectors such as banking, consumer and insurance, among others, to help companies boost the way they work with legal documents.

About Bigle Legal

Bigle Legal is a cloud-based all-in-one Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) software that automates the legal operations of companies, improving security and minimising the risk of legal contingencies. The platform is flexible, intuitive and provides full control over the entire document lifecycle.

The company is a pioneer in the field of no-code document automation, with a global presence, and its customers include large companies and large law firms. Bigle Legal's mission is to make Legal Operations Easy.  

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