Bigle Legal, the document automation technology company, arrives in Panama

The Spanish company joins forces with Panamanian firm Veló Legal to contribute to the development of 'legal tech' in the Central American country.
November 2, 2021

Bigle Legal, the leading all-in-one document management and automation platform in Southern Europe, enters the Panamanian market through Veló Legal ALSP (Alternative Legal Services Provider) and consultancy firm, specialised in legal tech solutions, which will distribute the Spanish technology company's product in a market where the demand for technological solutions that help companies' digital transformation is increasing.

Among other functionalities, Bigle Legal's platform offers services for the automatic generation of legal documents, collaboration and contract negotiation in real time, with the aim of improving security and minimising the risk of legal contingencies. Headquartered in Barcelona, the company is present in several European countries, such as the United Kingdom and Italy.

For its part, the law firm Veló Legal stands out as the first ALSP operating in the aforementioned jurisdiction. It has clients in multiple sectors such as innovation, industry and telecommunications, covering the full range of services related to corporate and labour law.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a driver of digitalisation in the Spanish labour market, which has led to an increase in the implementation of technological solutions for companies in a multitude of sectors. The automation and development of this kind of solutions brings benefits such as cost and time reduction, while reducing the legal criticality of companies. In the legal sector, a study by McKinsey and PWS explains that 25% of a lawyer's work can be automated. Thus, using automation tools leaves time for strategic and not so operational tasks.

With its expansion to Panama, Bigle Legal aims to serve as a tool for the digitisation of this Central American market, which has great room for development.

About Bigle Legal

Bigle Legal is an all-in-one document automation platform, provides an AI-powered, cloud-based solution that automates the Legal Operations of a company, while improving safety and minimizing risk of legal contingencies. 

A pioneer tech company and leader in the field of document automation in Spain, has a presence in the UK, Italy and a reseller network across Latin America. Its clients include Real Estate companies, Corporations, and Large Law Firms. The platform is precise, flexible, and intuitive, providing full control over the entire document life cycle.

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